ISSCC 2023で6件発表

ISSCC 2023で発表します!

Regular Session

  • Junjun Qiu, et al., “A 32kHz-Reference 2.4GHz Fractional-N Nonuniform Oversampling PLL with Gain Boosted PD and Loop Gain Calibration”
  • Dongwon You, et al., “A Small-Satellite-Mounted 256-Element Ka-Band CMOS Phased-Array Transmitter Achieving 63.8dBm EIRP Under 26.6W Power Consumption Using Single/Dual Circular Polarization Active Coupler”
  • Xi Fu, et al., “A 2.95mW/element Ka-band CMOS Phased-Array Receiver Utilizing On-Chip Distributed Radiation Sensors in Low Earth Orbit Small Satellite Constellation”

Plenary Talk

  • Prof. Matsuzawa, “Shape the World With Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits – Past, Present, and Future”

Chun WangさんとDingxin Xuさんが、Student Research Previewで発表します。